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The Mercante is a full-service agency where we to develop & execute compelling visual identities with digital solutions for small businesses.


Branding, Strategy, Design, Photography, Advertising, Video Production, SMS Marketing, Digital Solutions, Positioning, Identity


 Our growth initiative is about taking businesses to the next level. The focus is on the online world of SMS, social media, search, advertising, branding and everything else accessible by touchscreen, keyboard, and or mouse. From websites to logos to marketing campaigns, most companies understand the need for having a dominant online presence. Navigating those waters during the digital age is overwhelming, which is why the collective at The Mercante is here to do the heavy lifting. Our growth initiative, as consultants, is to function as a behind the scenes type of force. The goal is to execute on a plan to increase market share, drive up profits, and solidify longevity.


At Mercante, we have formulated a distinct yet proven method for generating high-impact results. Our strategy is to navigate the waters and lead your business into the coveted “go-to” authority position for your targeted audience. Think global, think movement, think lions share of the market. And here is the process in which we will accomplish your goals:
  • Diagnose your current branding to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
  • Implement a curated solution unique to your business, where we focus on building meaningful connections with the right client. Those connections will turn into sales, referrals, and loyalty.
  • Streamline your custom-tailored solutions to increase profits, facilitate scalable growth, and turn clients into a referral army of dedicated fans.

When you implement next-level branding, you gain an audience base that will grow your business.

Finally, with a streamlined business, it is time to enjoy what you do to its fullest extent. For, "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."